(Quick Questions And Answers)

Q: Is the artwork original?

A: Yes. All of the original artwork is hand rendered on paper using pen and ink by the artist.

Q: Do you make the clothing?

A: Most of the clothing is purchased already made. On vintage pieces and dress coats sometimes the buttons are replaced or other modifications are made. There are some pieces that are hand made.

Q: How do you get your images onto your clothing?

A: Each piece is hand screen-printed using the 'old school' screen-printing method. You can read the screen-printing documentation HERE and the Tie-Dye process here.

Q: Do I have to have a Paypal account to make a purchase?

A: No. I use Paypal merchant services so a Paypal account is not requited.

Q: How long until I will get my purchase?

A: Allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.

Q: Can I purchase the clothing separate from the included 'side item'?

A: Not at the present time.

Q: How will I know how to care for my clothing?

A: All clothing comes with a clothing care card, with QR Code links that access information on our master website. Here is a link to our clothing care page, our incense precautions page & oils precautions page.

Why don't you have T-Shirts also?

A:Everyone prints t-shirts. I wanted to print on something different.