Store Policies & Facts:


I currently only ship to customers in the United States, but intend on changing this in the near future.

I ship everything using USPS standard flat-rate boxes. Small boxes start at $5 USD and ship anywhere in the United States. The shipping total will be added once you reach the pre-payment window.

Everything is shipped Priority Mail and has a 3-4 (business day) delivery time ONCED SHIPPPED.

I DO NOT ship your item until payment has been received.

Allow at least 2 WEEKS for delivery.

All packages are insured for coverage against loss, damage or missing contents.

All shipments come with Delivery Confirmation. You ill be provided the following information:

1.)If item was delivered:  the date and time of delivery. 

2.)If delivery was attempted but not successful:  the date and time of the attempt.


In addition to a regular Paypal account, I use SECURE Paypal Merchant Services, so I am able to take Visa, Master Card, Discover or American Express if you do not have a Paypal Account.


I personally have NO ACCESS or record of your Debit/Credit Card number(s), nor do I/we STORE them in any way. All transactions are through Paypal Merchant Services. 

Residents of Tennessee are subject to %9.25 Sales Taxes in addition to the total purchase.


I generally DO NOT accept returns or exchanges.

If you are REALLY unhappy with a product that you have purchased ,then contact me immediately.

I do believe in making sure that everyone that makes a purchase from me should feel that they have gotten exactly what they have paid for, but a few things to keep in mind: I feel that I have taken many extra steps and time to ensure that the quality of my work and the materials used are the highest of quality... and if the item is 'used' or 'vintage' then ANY flaws are described in detail. I have provided many descriptions and details for every article of clothing, with many links and high quality pictures located on my website and other places on the web to ensure that you know what you are purchasing beforehand. Make sure you read my additional articles: My Screen Printing Process, Art & Clothing Information, Clothing Care Information & check my Portfolio and Facebook fan-pages for additional pictures. I also provide clothing care information and QR code access cards. All new items are washed and pre-shrunk so there should be no issues with size. My model Ava Von Draven (a mannequin), has EXACT dimensions listed for EACH article of clothing and the SIZE of clothing she is wearing is also listed. This is WHY I use her. She doesn't gain or lose weight, get taller or  what you see is what you get. As described in my Art & Clothing information, the ONLY photo manipulation done for product specific documentation on Ava is a change of eye color, lip color, make-up or tattoo. NOTHING about her size relative to the clothing or the artwork has been altered. She IS wearing the clothing and what you SEE is what you get. Choosing the right size of garment to make sure it fits correctly is up to YOU! Given all of these factors and the documentation provided, I feel that there little room for error in your choice of sizing. I say all of this because I have had problems with this in the past (thus added documentation) and its more time consuming than you know for someone who owns a business to make returns, correct paperwork, inventory and book-keeping. Like I said... if you are REALLY unhappy with a product that you have purchased, then contact me and we can make make it happen. I do believe in making sure that everyone that makes a purchase from me should feel that they have gotten exactly what they have paid for..... or more! But you MUST contact me IMMEDIATELY and the item must be undamaged and with all of the original contents. 

If you read the complete clothing information provided, know your own dimensions and base your size on what Ava is wearing you should have no problem.